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Kammell McNall

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Kammell McNall is a Martial Art & Self Defense instructor with Follow My Lead Studios.  He loves sharing his knowledge and expertise with his students. He focuses on Family Training (mainly couples) teaching self-defense techniques, confidence building and personal empowerment strategies.


Kammell's accomplishments include:

  • Master/Sabomnim of Hapkido 

  • 6th degree black belt (Yook dan)

  • Master of Tae Kwan Do 

  • 4th degree black belt (Sa dan)

  • Specialist in unarmed combat resolution 

  • Former Army Airborne Ranger and combat veteran specializing in asymmetrical insurgent warfare.

  • Weapons expert  E-6 

  • Nationally ranked Former 3 gun competitor

  • Former school owner focusing on law enforcement and military training,


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