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Chad Hawthorne

Guest Instructor

Chad Hawthorne

Chad Hawthorne is a film armorer, firearm safety coordinator, weapon coach and a certified firearms instructor. He spent many years training law enforcement, private agency contractors, and civilians alike in the safe use of weapons. Chad made the jump into teaching actors and stunt professionals the skills necessary to perform violence "safely" on screen in 2014.

That is when Chad co-founded On Set Arms – the premier film armorer, prop-weapon supplier and combat technical advisor firm in the Pacific Northwest. Since that time, Chad has worked across the United States both behind and in front of the camera, performing, choreographing and coordinating hand-to-hand, bladed and armed combat sequences for film. As an armorer and firearms instructor, Chad routinely works with actors, screenwriters, directors, stunt coordinators and stunt performers to safely design and realistically perform combat sequences on film in a variety of projects, spanning independent short films to nationally distributed feature films.

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