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Rick Kostenick


I started off by acting and playing music but would always get pulled into the business side of things, Got a college scholarship for Drama also invited to audition for Saturday Night Live due to my comedic skills.

Began scouting musical acts for an independent production company in Los Angeles. Getting musical artists development deals and shopping their music to the major labels…may have been one of the first to bring a tape from Subpop (Nirvana, Soundgarden etc) into the major labels. Although, they never showed interest, as you can tell it was their loss!!


From there I went into representing Talent and Models for an agency in Seattle Washington. Having talent appear in movies like Assassins to Ten Things I Hate About You, Television shows Northern Exposure, The Fugitive and many more. As well as countless commercials, industrial films and music videos. My models were signed to many oversees contracts as well as 100's of ad campaigns, fashion covers etc.

I then took that expertise and moved into the teaching realm. Teaching Filmmaking and Acting to some of Hollywood's top families and contestants from the Ms World Pageant. Helping new as well as up and coming talent for the industry.

I still coach(Audition tech) but also Produce and Direct video for social media and small business owners to the big ones!

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