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Embracing a Life of Expression
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Meet Crystal 

Crystal Reiber, the owner and main instructor at Follow My Lead Studios, is the Mary Poppins of dance instructors.


She loves people and fell in love with dance at age 16 on mission trip. Crystal studied 5 years of social ballroom dancing and instructor training with Rick Frangione, owner of Dance Me Cassini who was formerly trained in Arthur Murray.  Being an Idaho native gives Crystal's teaching a special hometown feel. 


Crystal has a lifetime of serving others as an instructor with many skills at her finger tips. She has a special knack for breaking things down in bite size pieces, helping you understand the beauty of the learning process and the charm of connection.


Crystal's specialty is helping you tap into what it means to follow, how to lead and what's needed for each dancer to achieve harmony on the dance floor. 


Her passion is lead and follow dancing using Ballroom basics. Her approach is unique and effective.


Booking a lesson with Crystal is an experience all in itself. If you need a Mary Poppins approach to dance — a fun, safe and intriguing learning experience — book with Crystal today. You won’t be disappointed.


Reading her reviews will give you the sense of the warm greeting and attention you will receive at Follow My Lead studios and from crystal.

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Meet Our Instructors

We've gathered  professionals from a wide range of industries to create an amazing team of instructors. Whether you are interested in improving your skills on the dance floor, learning how to present yourself  in front of an audience, improving your communication skills, learning how to defend yourself, or just want to have fun learning something new, we've got you covered.  

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